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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pia Mia and The Groupies ☯

Hello my lovelies. Yesterday, I got to meet the wonderful Pia Mia. I absolutely adore her. She's been my style icon ever since I found our about her in 2012.

If you watch the video, please help me tweet THIS LINK to Pia so she can see it. I need as many people as possible! Thank you so much ♡

Today, I decided I would vlog most of the experience with you as well as share some pictures. The quality is a little rubbish as I took the pictures off my phone but eh. Plus, if you'd like to see the makeup I did, just comment down below (: Pia did do a lot more than just sing and ask questions, she talked to us and had was chatty and made us laugh.

If you don't want to watch the video, I can just tell you that it was such an amazing experience. She is actually the first celebrity I've ever met in person I think. She was the sweetest person ever and I just can't believe how beautiful she is. It was super chilled but she got crowed at the end and a lot of people didn't get pictures but it was worth watching her than her just taking pictures with other fans. Her outfit was literally the most eye catching/amazing/magnificent outfit I've ever seen. I mean fur with killer boots and sweatpants... I'd look like a llama to be honest.

Here are some pictures.

idk man, i look awks


Hope you enjoyed xx

- Love Reana x

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